National project Electronisation of the education system of regional education’ objective is the creation of electronical education system and actuation of electronical services. Part of the project is installing and equipping digital classrooms, forming digital educational content and providing course training for selected employees in order to ensure further education for pedagogues. The project is financed by European regional growth funds ambit Informing society operational programme. The project is being realised from 22.11.2013 to 30.9.2015.

Preschools, primary and secondary schools in Slovakia (with the exception of Bratislava region) obtained modern digital equipment ambit Digiškola project, which will enable them to modernise teaching. Schools received 5 680 sets, consisting of an interactive board and a notebook, 20 000 tablets, 1 000 wi-fi routers and 2 686 colour printers. The partner of this project is Methodical- Pedagogical centre, which is responsible for organisational- personal security for use of digital educational materials for modern teaching forms.

Each school with a tablet - room, which has participated in Digiškola project, is able to acquire Samsung School – solution for tablet – room management. On 12.12.2014 a Memorandum about understanding between Ministry of education, science, research and sport SR, companies DATALAN inc. and Samsung Electronics Czech and Slovak l.t.d. Based on the Memorandum were the schools able to receive solution Samsung School for 1€ per piece for 1 year, with the contract being always concluded for the period of 5 years. A school having 1 notebook and 20 tablets will therefore pay for Samsung School only 25, 20€ a year (VAT included) and for 5 years a total of only 126€ with VAT for the whole solution.

You should see the enthusiastic expectations, when students arrive on a lesson, glance into the classroom and their first question is: “Are we going to work with tablets today as well?!” So they get worksheets to find in their “tablet” Gmail or in a dropbox and I am then thinking of what app to use. Suddenly even the most deep- rooted stoics become active. Using tablets in voluntary at our school but no student has so far said NO to tablets :D. We don’t have to postpone our assignments for home, we are able to work more quickly, get a lot more done and students’ positive comments are very pleasing. It’s motivational not only for them but for me as well. I mostly use PowerPoint presentations, videos, mp3 but we have also managed to do couple of exercises in FlowWorks.

Initial experience indicate that smart technologies encourage students, bring notable and motivational potential and create appropriate conditions for teaching.