In cooperation with MPC, as an ESVRŠ National project‘ partner (Digiškola), we have prepared for you several courses.

MPC offers a long-term accredited courses directed on improving skills in the area of interactive board and tablets usage:

  • Interactive board in a preschool’ educational – raising programme
    accreditation number 749/2012-KV, 30 attendance lessons, 10 distance lessons, 15 credits
  • Interactive board in primary and secondary school’ educational process
    accreditation number 37/2010- KV, 30 attendance lessons, and 10 distance lessons. 15 credits
  • Learn to learn by using tablets and interactive technology
    accreditation number 1450/2015, 20 attendance lessons. 10 distance lessons, 8 credits

You can enter through a MPC form ambit Professional and carrier growth (PKR) national project at, link Educational activity/Applications part (Vzdelávacia činnosť/Prihlášky).

We have prepared series of instruction videos for using interactive board and tablets.

Videos can be found on sub-pages with guides, see Slovak pages: board guides (návody na tabuľu), tablet guides (návody na tablety) and Samsung School guides (návody pre Samsung School).